[transcribed from notes taken by another student -- I've added (?) in cases where their writing is unclear or hard to decipher -- ed.]

tactile quality wonderful

watercolor paper soaked up and dipped

inserts in English work really well -- imbedded
like wearing a really bad pair of glasses

big improvement

point -- language barrier -- is expressed
problem of critiques when artists tell you to handle
but then person doesn't -- you went beyond & (?)known way(?)
Joanie "wrong at crit to give advice at crit"

was working crit helpful -- or did it create frustration

thinking about (?)forming this back together(?) and it's gone further

effective -- all text removed and one figure pointing to self
it is our (?)stuck w/(?)language -- use sign language

wish held together more seamlessly like real newspaper
here like book know it's altered, shock confusion
it's really 2 newspapers

Dana - read Italian different level of concentration -- effective
text inserted in English -- mix of language
color of the paper intriguing like pink of sport paper

different strategies in employing different theme
information blocked -- ball point pen -- the different approaches effective

(?)would at(?) information promise access but blocked
infrastructure of financial world speaks its own language
sports page pasted in "phenomenom" effective presentation

was your process to read it yourself (yes) -- leave part blank
understand little diagrams

Layne -- prefers paper less dimensionally textural, basket weave -- loose