...and on to Italiaidea, for which, in honor of Halloween, I came dressed as the Only Student To Show Up Today.

Which gave my Italian instructor, a worldly but friendly woman in her late 20's, reason to wonder just exactly what was up with all of us slacker American students.

"Is it our teaching style?" she asked me in her splendid English.

"No, it's more their ... our learning style," I replied, explaining the need for studio work whenever we saw the opportunity. In truth, some of them are probably just hanging out down on the street below, or in their apartments, but there's no need to go into that with her at this time. Now I see that, even if we are busy learning our art, the teachers here are still trying to do their job, which is teach us Italian. The lone student and teacher came to an agreement and did their best to teach and to learn.

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