Susan  [using a method I'm working with myself, of taking a flat sheet of paper and partially cutting it up in order to weave it into a new object]
map -- woven
isolation ->
Kayla  [like many of us getting used to a new language and culture, using text as a way of obscuring a story rather than telling it]
text -
not ingrained
Waldo  [two drawings on layered, "found" paper. The paper was taken from a wall full of posters on the street, and the text and images from the layered, torn posters was visible through the new drawings on their surface]
- 2 pcs
"self" clown?
+ friend - recent
"Intruded" changed plan
Marcy  [photographs of many of the iconic sites we've visited, but taken in extreme close-up or from unusual angles to distinguish them from the usual "touristy" snapshots taken by most visitors]
"cultural" trip -> tourist ->
-> ART
smaller to larger
more detail-> more interest
Bo  [using books as a canvas for painting and drawing]
on book covers
inside    outside