Critiques of work in progress at the UW Rome Center, evening of October 23 . . .

[and since the brief notes are of little value to you, dear reader, without visual aid or some sort of context, I will add if possible a short description of the work being critiqued -- ed.]

Brando  [two large black and white drawings of a featureless human in a dark, amorphous space]
bodies / motion
moving ... where?
self-portrait -> eyes closed
meditative state
a sense of place
Relation to Rome?
-> How a body relates to space / occupies space
Paolo  [a very large drawing of the facade of Paris' Notre Dame, made up of several sheets of drawing paper connected together]
flew off to Paris for a weekend, drew Notre Dame monuments
portals ->statement of the building
tourist takes a snapshot
distortion of the source
Gaea[two pieces: one, a painting; another, soft amoebic sculptural shapes in bright primary colors]
3-D self-portrait "baby in photo"
transparent substrate -
work on back
all self-portraits?
Objects - orange? tomato?
baby doll 8" tall torch thing
stuffed "animal"
Me  [an Italian newspaper, disfigured in various ways to make it as difficult for Italians to read as it is for me]
-- Palette to be used to manipulate.
-- Communication: what is your take on how the confusion of language barriers manifest themselves.
-- suggestions for use of "stuff"
  • juxtaposition of image and words
  • combination of US/English/Italian words
  • Using patterns of words as pattern to build images
-- What is the importance for you of the transparent nature created by gesso.
-- Importance of the fact that people could read the Italian text as is.
-- Joni - emphasize what is your intention of communication theme & creating your frustration of language -- How can you best create a universal sense of frustration.
-- Layne - suggested using real newspapers as source of physical sketch to use gessoed pages.
-- Think about how the importance of thin transparent paper nature is to your feeling of frustration towards communication.
-- Laura - highly suggests X-acto knife.
-- Infinite # of variables for how to obscure text & importance of communication.
-- Interest in image of city/colored & possibilities of working text w/ image.

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