Shara Wasserman - Sistine lecture

(Raphael) cutout technique -
blue, red, green
then paint around it
born to middle-class accountant/gentleman farmer
d. 89 yrs. old 1564
               - 89
            b. 1475
Moved to Florence very young (before 1490?)
Vasari - "Lives" volume of 1550 for M.
Condivi - wrote bio in 1553
1490 - meets Lorenzo di Medici
encounters Humanist thought
classical antiquity
"Pieta" finished c. 1504
Back to Firenze, "David" c. 1505

1503 - Julius II Pope until 1513
calls artists to Rome - M. given funeral monument
Never finished - "Moses" only surviving piece
44 feet up - Sistine ceiling - ringed by Life of Christ/Moses
Old Testament - Sybils (prophets)
Lunettes - Genesis - 40 ancestors of Christ (labeled!)
Center - Creation -> Flood

First 3 scenes -

(last scene from Genesis)
Towards altar -> Creation         Man -> God
uses no black, no white

Ezekiel - foretells family tree
used thumbprints, fingers to paint hair [etc]
        for transparency
Cumaea - foretold Christ

Restoration - c. 1980-81
previous "restorations" - no cleaning, just adding (glue!)

Critics say:
used pilot technique rather than proven method
Ooooooh! They were funded by Japanese!!!!!!!!

Last Judgment -
orig supposed to be Resurrection
ex: Padua chapel altar
visitation -> annunciation -> resurrection
BUT: Giotto - bearded, clothed Christ

- at exit of chapel (last thing you see)
- saints also being judged