Piazzetta San Marco

The Doge's Palace to the right, with Piazzetta San Marco and the Biblioteca straight ahead. Looks like the tide is receding: the raised walking boards are being disassembled by the small army of city workers devoted to building and taking apart the mini-scaffolding twice a day with the Moon's cycle.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, looking away from the Basilica toward the Museo Correr.

High tide Low tide

Two views that show the extremes of Piazza San Marco, and that ever-present blue, blue sky. Notice that the cafés leave their chairs arranged outside regardless of what the tide is doing.

you can always tell the natives

Here we see prime specimens of Venetian natives (or maybe just smart return visitors) in their natural habitat. I love being prepared. Unfortunately, I didn't bring rubber galoshes with me to Italy just for the brief stay in Venice, but next time I'll plan ahead better.