10/6         URBAN ROME        TRINA DEINES

layering -- don't erase fully before building up new

    take it as a whole piece once in a while
    a little bit at a time   "   "   "   "

Romulus -

    sacred plow - w/cow & bull
    plowed furrow around Capitoline hill
    inside and outside
    Remus jumps the line, Romulus kills him

Servian Wall 4/21/753 B.C.
---> E. of Tiber
Aurelian Wall = 2nd c. A.D. -- larger than Servian
Cloaca Maxima -- enabled move down from hills into new land

Breakdown -

    income drops
    --> no source for new building materials
    --> older monuments used as quarry

Constantine -->

    St. John Lateran
    St. Paul (south)
    S. Maria Maggiore

All outside of traditional Roman boundaries, in basilica form

left Rome c.330 to found Constantinople
Split Empire in half, left Rome to co-emperors
West falls, East stays

Rome shrinks

    floods, fires, plagues, wars

Direction shifts -->
- points to West, Capitoline
rather than south, Forum
Fall apart, build, flood, etc.

Return from Avignon --

    Papal palace @ St. John Lateran had burned
    Moved into Vatican

15th Century

travelers arrive to see what ancient culture has to offer
Noblesse Oblige -- great power means you owe to the people

Sixtus V -- built large streets, obelisks, monuments

    a map you live and walk on

Rome is Counter-Reformation city
Baroque helps Rome show its theater and change

Piazza Navona

    City's living room
    a place to hang out

Nice church --> open 9-12 Sat & Sun
@ Corso del Rinascimiento next to Pza. Navona

London, Paris have streelights & boulevards
Rome has cows in the Forum

So rebuild again

    New quarters for workers
    new streets, palazzi, piazzi

1925 III EF

    era fascista
    started 1922