Well sometimes I can work this Photoshop thing admirably, and sometimes ... well, sometimes I need to start with a better camera.

This is the beautiful Nymphaeum inside the Villa Giulia. Nice place to have a wedding, I'd think. Or a house party in the 16th Century.

I took these photos from the loggia looking down. Note the staircases at the far left and right sides which frame the midlevel section. The reclining statues represent the Arno and Tiber rivers. In the lower section, the area in front of where the people are standing is a small pond (covered by the workers), stocked with koi or some sort of goldfish. Four marble statues behind them make up part of a narrative of the discovery of the Vergine Acqua.

Later I moved down into the Nymphaeum and made a drawing looking up toward the loggia.