Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 15:14:05 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Kelly Humphries <>
Subject: Buon giorno a gli Stati Uniti!

Greetings all,

Your steadfast reporter in Rome, checking in.  No sign of other deadheads
around town yet.  Madonna (and her kid) are quite popular though :-)

Just saw the spellbinding 0-0 tie between Italy and England.  Ahead in
overall points, England gets the automatic World Cup berth, while to Italy
it's pretty much a loss and has affected the mood on the streets much more
than the resignation of the Prime Minister and collapse of yet another
government a couple of days ago.  No tickets were to be had, but a group
of us watched on teevee as the polizia clubbed the Brit fans in between
shots on goal.  I hope Jelly and friends were watching safely from a local
pub rather than from the wrong end of a club.

Oh, yeah, there have also been earthquakes (which affected Rome very little,
apparently) -- our trip to the Giotto murals in Padua has been cancelled
because the bus driver didn't want to chance it on those roads.  Man, the
way these nutcases drive, you'd think a trip to the countryside would do
some good.  Then there are the lightning storms that knocked out the servers
and e-mail for about four days.  And I'm not even going to go into the concept
of Anti-Popes right now.

Good thing I'm fully engulfed by my, uh, studies ("vino rosso, o bianco,
signore?"), so that I am blissfully unaware should the end of the world approach.
Un bicchiere di rosso, per favore!

Off to Venice for the Biennale, then it's more work! work! work!,

the dodging lions and wasting time, kpisces kid -- ALS, jtfc Mediterranean

ODC:  Man, are these streets filled with rubble...

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